Boom Bear Pass at Anarchist Mountain

I’d never driven through a natural rock tunnel before.


Apparently, this crazy old prospector named John Haywood fancied himself an Anarchist, going so far as carrying around a stick of dynamite in his boot.


As local legend had it, Haywood was lugging home a load of lake leapers when he came across an 8-foot, 900 lb Grizzly.


Unwilling to give up his supper, Haywood scrambled up the mountain, the bear in hot pursuit.


Close enough to swap recipes, Hayward tosses the stick of dynamite from his boot.


Being a bear of limited familiarity with the explosive temperament of this particular brand of fish stick, Mr. Grizzly stopped for further inspection.


As Hayward continued his clumsy ascent, tail flappers and tackle in tow, didn’t that dynamite blow.


As Mr. Grizzly’s life aspirations evaporated into a 30 ft radius that fateful day, a hole appeared on the side of what we know today as Anarchist Mountain.


So, if you find yourself passing effortlessly through a natural tunnel formation deep in the Rockies in your new RV from No Bull, tip your hat to John Hayward as you drive through Boom Bear Pass, and have a blast.

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