Benefits of Tent Trailers

Looking to transition from a tent to a camper but don’t want to break the bank? How about the best of both worlds with a tent-trailer? They give you all the extra comfort of a trailer without the big price tag or taking up much space. 

For example, let’s chat about Flagstaff tent trailers.

Thanks to their quick, collapsible builds (we timed it and our man Don in Leduc can collapse or set up a Flagstaff A-frame trailer in 15 seconds, video evidence on our TikTok @nobullrvs if you don’t believe me) you won’t have to worry about storing it in the off season because these guys will collapse and fit in most garages, drives, or yards. 

And now Flagstaffs straight off the assembly line have a ton of standard additions you wouldn’t think to find, particularly in an entry level unit. For example, all of their tent trailers and A-frames come with a factory installed solar panel to keep your battery charged if you’re off the beaten path. 

All Flagstaff tent trailers also come with the ‘Storm Shield Protection System,’ a flag/skirt hanging from the bunk ends that keeps water from getting into your bed. Along with this, the stitching on those tent pop ups in these models are cotton as opposed to nylon, meaning that when the cotton gets wet it will plump up, and ensure the holes pierced in the fabric when the trailer is being constructed are sealed. The high-stress areas are additionally double-stitched in Flagstaff models, to keep all their units prepared against general wear and tear and will have them last longer without replacements or mending.

Now don’t think just because you can’t find a Flagstaff you’re out of luck (plus this is starting to sound like a sponsored ad), plenty of other tent-trailer models come with amenities you would probably think to only find in a fifth wheel or RV! Like actual kitchens complete with stove, fridge, and sink, and some models will even come with a fully equipped bathroom now! (I know!) Emptying the septic tank is actually easier on some of these guys than an average trailer believe it or not. And if someone told me you could have a shower in a tent trailer now, I’d have thought they were crazy (just make sure you keep those blinds closed before you strip down or you risk giving the raccoons a show).  

Also, if you’re thinking: wow, that’s better than the old dorm rooms in Lister Hall at the U of A, you’re very correct, and also still probably paying less.

So, with that in mind let’s look at costs. Lots of people either go right in for the fifth wheel or big travel trailer and that’s awesome! They’re super happy to put in that investment, but if you’re not so sure the price tag can give you a dizzy spell. And if it’s not the price tag, then it’s all the other stuff to consider, like how you’re going to get out to the campsite in the first place if you don’t already have a vehicle with the proper towing capacity. 

But tent trailers! They’re super lightweight, so you don’t have to invest in a big truck for towing. You’re already a seasoned camper by now I bet, which means you probably already have a good SUV in your garage don’t cha? Get those hookups sorted and you’ll be ready to go!

Have I piqued your interest? Maybe it’s time to make that switch from tent to trailer and get off the ground onto a heated mattress. 

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