The Red Chairs of Parks Canada

Canada has the views to give you picture-perfect scenes for the ultimate Instagram pic when trekking through our parks. And just how have they done this? Well, no filter needed with over 400 red Adirondack chairs placed in locations across the country (all made from 100% recycled plastic by the way). As they say “rest, relax, and discover the wonders Parks Canada has to offer.” 

It all started in 2011 when Gros Morne National Park team members decided to create a scavenger hunt of sorts, placing 18 sets of Adirondack chairs in lesser known areas of the park. The idea was that these scenically placed chairs invited guests to enjoy a less visited view and share it on social media. A contest was even run with the first people to find all 18 pairs winning a set of their own! 

Encouraging both enjoyment and social media presence of the parks cannot only encourage continued support and maintenance of nature, but awareness of the adventures available to everyone! Today, these red chairs can be found in over 100 Parks Canada locations! 

You can look up these locations on the Parks Canada website, but part of the adventure may be discovering these chairs by accident during your next hike. 

Either way, we’ve got a couple notable Alberta locations for you to peruse! Let us know if you’ve ever taken a rest in one of these chairs, and if you happen upon them tag us when you #ShareTheChair at @nobullrvs on Instagram! 

Bar U Ranch National Historic Site:

Viewpoint trail

Pekisko Creek

Elk Island National Park

Astotin Lake Day Use Area 

Shoreline trail

Jasper National Park

Cottonwood Cloud viewpoint

Maligne Lake picnic area

Mt Christie viewpoint

Old Fort Point Trail on the “second summit”

Pyramid Overlook trail (2b)

Valley of the Five Lakes between Third and Fourth Lakes

Wilcox Pass Trail

Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site

David Thompson Trail


Waterton Lakes National Park

Middle Lake boat launch

Marina Point

Lakeshore Point

Cameron Creek

Banff National Park

Valleyview Picnic Area

Cascade Ponds Picnic Area

Lake Minnewanka Picnic Area

Two Jack Lake Picnic Area

Tunnel Mountain Summit

Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Sulphur Mountain Summit

Hoodoos Viewpoint 

Muleshoe Picnic Area

Silverhorn Creek Campground

Glacier Lake Trail

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