Your RV Tear Down Checklist

Still trying to figure out where to begin when tearing down your site? We’ve got a quick and simple list here for you to go through to help you get organized. 

The Day Before You Leave:

  • Tear down/bring in any outdoor furniture like chairs and rugs
  • Close gray tank valve (if open) 
    • This should allow for enough water to build up to help rinse your hose after you dump your black tank 

Prior to Leaving

  • Empty black tank
    • Use disposable gloves when connecting and disconnecting your sewer hose
  • Sani-flush (if needed)
  • Empty gray tank
  • Add fresh water (if needed; this will be up to preference and where your next stop is, but it’s a good reminder either way to check your water levels before you leave)
  • Check for potential obstacles inside and out before retracting slides, awning, and stabilizers
    • Secure anything that could slide or break inside your rig
  • Close and latch doors/vents/windows/fans, ensure your water pump is off.
  • Retract slides and awning
  • Disconnect from water and electrical 
    • Remember to check that the electrical panel is OFF when connecting or disconnecting the power!
  • Retract stabilizers 
    • It is crucial to do this before you raise the tongue jack because if your rear stabilizers are down and you raise the back you can break your rear stabilizers 
    • These may be manual or require power. 
  • Check to make sure all exterior doors are closed and locked; stairs and rail folded away and secured
  • Connect your tow vehicle 
  • Remove chocks
  • Check tire PSI and wear pattern inside and out
  • Walk around (this is when you double check everything is secured and disconnected)
    • Be sure your tongue jack is raised and your vehicle and rig are connected properly 
  • Check tire PSI of towing vehicle [with TPMS]
  • Check trailer brakes and lights

*Reminder that your RV may include other elements that you will have to check to ensure the safety of yourself and others as well as your equipment. Use this list at your own discretion and risk.

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