Oh Look More Board Games!

Oh you read that right, we found even more! Enjoy adding some of these to your games cabinet for your next camp game night. Crush your enemies! Or, y’know, bond with your friends and family if you want to be lame.

Blokus Shuffle: UNO Edition

Age range: 7+

Players: 2-4

Difficulty: 1/5

Play time:  30-45 min

How to Play: The object remains the same: have the fewest squares left before everyone taps out, but this time some UNO style cards add an extra twist. From being able to remove a piece from the board to replay later, or reversing the direction of play, elevate your Blokus skills with the thrill of UNO’s patented style of messing up other players!



Age range: 10+

Players: 3-6

Difficulty: 1/5

Play time: 30 min, average

How to Play: The game of yelling words at your friends. Be the first to say the word on your card in duals of vocabulary. 

Really Loud Librarians 

Age range: 8+

Players: 2-12

Difficulty: 1/5

Play time: 15-20 min

How to Play: Get ready to get loud! Teams battle to shout words in a category from a letter on the board. Following the track on the board, move along every time your team correctly gets a word right to race against the opposing team to win.

Love is Blind – The Game

Age range: 17+

Players: 4-10 (but you need an even number)

Difficulty: 1/5

Play time: 20 min (average) 

How to Play: Attention reality show fans! Love is Blind has its own boardgame. Secretly answer questions to find your perfect partner, propose, run-away from a mismatch and drink wine! Earn hearts as a couple, 9 win the game and live happily ever after! (Best played with friends and not family members because…ew)


Age range: 18+ (but there is a family version)

Players: 2-20

Difficulty: 1/5

Play time: 20-40 min

How to Play: Guess the gibberish on the card! You can play in teams or free-for-all. The adult version has three categories: kinky, party, and pop culture. Say the absolute nonsense on the card and guess the phrase correctly to win points! 

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