Funky Outdoor RV Accessories

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It can be hard to leave your comfy RV where you have A/C, easy snack access (snackcess), and don’t have to worry about mosquitoes trying to drink you dry. 

But if you wanted to stay inside, you should’ve just stayed home! Don’t be stuck in your RV, because no matter your trifle someone, somewhere has had the exact same thought and created something to help you out. 

Sure, some of these are probably more glampourous than everyone will go for – doesn’t make them less fun. 

1. Outdoor Mats/Rugs

The easiest addition to any rig that can expand your outdoor space. Dirt and mud getting tracked into your RV gets old fast. The perfect solution: an outdoor rug! They come in plenty of different sizes and designs to fit your style. 

2. Awning Shade

You know what’s fun? Getting in a western facing lot and baking like cheap salami in the sun. To get yourself extra outside shade you can snag a vista shade like this one that you can add to your awning when it’s extended to improve the shade provided even as the sun moves. It can also give you a bit more privacy. One con is that it’s not totally feasible on super windy days.

3. Pop-Up Screen Tent or Gazelle Tent

Now this won’t always work if you have a smaller site, but when you get that extra few square feet pop-up your own personal extra outdoor room in a few seconds. Keep away mosquitoes, get a bit of shade, and let yourself enjoy the outdoors without being fully out – great for those who flinch when they hear a bee buzz! Coleman Screened Canopy Tent with Instant Setup | Back Home Screenhouse Sets Up in 60 Seconds

4. Hard-Side Cooler

When you have a small fridge, being able to extend your cold storage is a game changer. Hard side coolers come in different sizes so they can fit in your storage compartments with ease. Fill it with ice or a revolving set of frozen water bottles (one defrosts, drink it, refill it and freeze it) to keep drinks and food cool. 

5. Bluetooth speaker

Not every RV comes with speakers, and those that do aren’t always Bluetooth compatible. These speakers are easily the same size as a tallboy, can be charged with a USB cable, and pack a punch of sound

JBL Flip Essential 2 – Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Gun Metal : Electronics

6. Comfy Camp Chairs

Whether you’re going for the tried and true, snapping open one with zing that includes cup holders or going full glamp and buying a zero-gravity lounger GCI Freeform Zero Gravity Chair, Black : camp chairs are a must for camping. Extra comfort and with most able to be packed away nicely, don’t go another trip without them. 

7. Travel Hammock 

And in the same vein as the camp chair: a hammock. Free-standing hammocks are a deal between you and gravity to say ‘not today.’ Hang out and relax and don’t worry about needing a perfect set of trees on site. 

Lazy Daze Hammocks Double Hammock with 9ft Space-Saving Steel Stand Includes Portable Carrying Case, 450 Pounds Capacity (Dark Blue) : Patio, Lawn & Garden

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