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Easy towage, easy stowage, small trailers are all the rage and there are a bunch on the market that can suit your needs, and no, they’re not all tent trailers or pop-ups. Typically, they’re sought after by one of the following:

  • Solo campers who don’t need a lot of space but still want to be comfy
  • Couples in need of basic amenities
  • Budget conscious campers who want a smaller dent to their bank account 
  • Minimalist campers who like to keep things simple

  • Weekend warriors and boondockers looking to explore more remote campsites but maintain amenities and comfort 

We do have an intro to tent campers exclusively but here we’re aiming to highlight a few specific smaller/lightweight options (not just pop ups) that we found interesting. 


  • Easy to tow and park: because of their size they can be towed by almost any vehicle and are way easier to park, particularly for those new to towing and parking RVs. 
  • Affordable: as a general rule, new or used, they’re going to be a lot cheaper. They’re also more fuel efficient due to their lesser size and weight, meaning you’ll get better gas mileage compared to towing a larger trailer. 
  • Convenient: They’re easy to use and set-up plus more comfortable than a tent. And, a heck of a lot simpler to store on the off season with many able to fit in your garage. 


  • Limited space: This is the big one; with their limited living space they won’t suit every camper’s needs. 
  • Fewer comfort amenities: They’re more down-to-earth style RVs, making the lack of luxury additions less appealing for some. 
  • Less storage: I mean…I don’t really feel like this needs explaining.


Let’s go through some of the more unique options out there:


GVWR: 2,700 lbs

These small trailers fold into a narrow, modular unit that doesn’t look like much at all. Which means they’re super easy to store and tow! There’s a couple different model types, but the basic comes with features like 2 twin or 1 queen air mattress, an interior/exterior dining table, side awnings, solar prep, and off-road tires.

Sunray Trailers

(Exterior of the 149)

(Interior of the 149)

GVWR: 3,640-3,680 lbs 

These retro styled campers have a great range of options, including power bunks, kitchenettes, toilets, and forward storage for a toy or two. Currently, they offer Sport and Classic packages, with 5 different layouts. Enjoy small and simple with classic style!

Vintage Trailer Works XTR

GVWR: 2,990 lbs.

Are you ready for an off-road teardrop trailer? There are four different models of this guy, the Basecamp, Voyager, Overlander, and Commander. Really, they’re off-road queen beds on wheels, some of which have a galley at the back, all with a foldaway bed for on-road storage

Airstream REI Special Edition Basecamp 20X

GVWR: 4,300 lbs

The Airstream REI is coming out to be one of the most advanced and eco-friendly lightweight RVs on the market, and great for boondockers! Boasting recycled materials as well as a recirculating water heater and optional composting toilet to reduce water waste, with solar upgrades available for reliable ‘free’ power while off-grid.

2021 Travel Lite Rove Lite

GVWR: 2,500 lbs

We love a travel trailer capable of mid-size sedan towing. At just over 15-feet long, you don’t sacrifice a shower, toilet, or kitchenette with the Rove Lite, but it stays just as light as the name implies. Finish it off with a variety of combos between dinette, sofa, and bed and you’ve got yourself a homebase!

2023 Coleman Rubicon 1200RK

GVWR: 3,000 lbs 

Ahhh Coleman, a fun option for those who like to travel light. As in no shower, toilet, or indoor galley. Just enough to stay comfy during off-grid adventures, can store in the garage with its short build, and has roof space for gear storage.

Riverside RV Retro 135

GVWR: 3,730 lbs.

A vintage style trailer with a full bath? Um, yes please. Ever heard someone wishing for the good old days? Well…they probably didn’t mean this (I mean, the 50s…not a great time for anyone who wasn’t, like, Don Draper, but the style, oh yes). Take nostalgia on the road whether you’re solo or a family with one of their colorful options.

InTech Sol Trailers

GVWR: 4,000-4,8000 lbs

InTech RVs are slowly building momentum in the luxury RV world, their goal with their Sol series? Comfort and quality with a small footprint. Each of the Sols (ranging from 16’-20.67’) offer a panoramic front windshield, galley, bath, and multifunctional lounge/bed area to sleep 2-4 people on an aluminum frame to cut down on weight.

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